December 20, 2008

MAN-MADE: Alaska's Extreme Machines

The National Geographic Channel project is in the can. I don't have an air date yet, as soon as I do I'll let ya know.
I watched the final cut yesterday, with all of the graphic elements, animations, and the final music tracks. It looks pretty good.

Two shout-outs:
First to the Executive Producer, David Huntley, who gave me an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and let me do some writing on the show (and I got credit!).
And second to James LaPlante and the crew at Sputnik Animation in Portland, Maine. They put in extra hours and had to survive the recent ice storm (that knocked out power at their offices) to get us our animations in time to deliver the show.

OK, check your TV listings for Man-Made: Alaska's Extreme Machines!

Nat Geo: Man-Made
Sputnik Animation

December 19, 2008

Majel Barrett Roddenberry - Dies at age 76

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the widow of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry and an actress whose longtime association with the "Star Trek" franchise included playing Nurse Christine Chapel in the original series, died early Thursday morning. She was 76.

Roddenberry died at her home in Bel-Air after a battle with leukemia, said family spokesman Sean Rossall.

LA Times Obit