February 29, 2008

"IRON MAN": It pays to watch LOST

SO?!? Did you see it?!? If you were watching LOST last night like you were supposed to be, then you saw this...

That's right, IT. WILL. BE. AWESOME!

February 22, 2008

"THE OSCARS": And the winner is...

Well we are of course! With the WGA strike ending just in time, we’ll be treated to the greatest and (ridiculously) longest awards show of the season.
So in honor of these honors I’m giving you my quick-picks for some winners. The envelope please…
Best Picture: “No Country For Old Men”
Best Directing: “No Country For Old Men”
Original Screenplay: “Juno”
Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Actress: Julie Christie
Animated Feature: Ratatouille
That’s it for the quick picks. To play our home edition, surf on over to oscar.com and print out a ballot, then tune in to the Oscar telecast on Sunday evening and try to stay awake til the end, I dare ya!

February 14, 2008

“TOUGHER IN ALASKA”: Workin' for a livin'

I started work yesterday at Moore Huntley Productions. My position is a cross between a Production Assistant and an Assistant Editor, it’s weird.

Moore Huntley is producing a 13-episode documentary series called “Tougher in Alaska”, it will air on The History Channel in the spring (no date yet). And since I’m obviously not in Alaska I’ll be working in the Post-Production department at their offices in Sudbury, MA. My job(s) will include tape transcription, tape logging and occasionally sitting with producers to review footage and pull clips that they will use for their segments. And as a P.A. I’m sure I’ll be doing anything and everything else that needs doing!

Some of you might remember that I interned with Moore Huntley a while ago. I went off and did a couple of short film projects and had just wrapped the last one this past Saturday. Well doesn’t the phone ring on Monday, it’s the show producer at Moore Huntley asking if I would be interested in coming back full time. The timing could not have been better!

Check your local listings this spring for “Tougher in Alaska” on The History Channel.
And check the credits for my name, you can say: “Hey, I know that guy!”

Check it out:
Moore Huntley Productions
The History Channel

February 12, 2008

“THE ROCK-A-WHO?”: Can we get a special edition?

So my question for Disney is what are you waiting for? “The Rocketeer” was one of the best films the early 90’s, why isn’t it getting the same care and attention of Disney’s other live-action features? I can understand that the majority of Disney’s time and effort is spent on its fabulous animated films, they’re great right? But I can’t be the only one who loved this movie; heck it grossed over 46 million didn’t it?

"The Rocketeer" is torn right from the pages of great pulp adventures like The Shadow & Doc Savage, or the scripts of serials from the 1940’s that helped inspire “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. I wonder if all this charm, nostalgia and gee-whiz innocence might be lost on most of our Halo/iPod generation?
Like Indiana Jones, Cliff Secord battles Nazi’s during the early 1930’s - there’s even a great zeppelin fight scene – in an average Joe, spy-smash, best-girl rescuing adventure. Complete with plenty of flag waving (literally) this movie is unapologetic about its love of America and Americana including; diner hangouts, barnstorming aviators and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Heck you even get mobsters joining forces with FBI agents to fight off Nazi commandos!

“The Rocketeer” is directed by Joe Johnston (Honey I Shrunk The Kids) and stars Bill Campbell (The 4400) as Cliff Secord, Jennifer Connelly (The Hulk) as Jenny Blake, Alan Arkin (Gattaca) as ‘Peevy’ Peabody and Timothy Dalton (Flash Gordon) as Neville Sinclair. We’re also treated to a pre-LOST Terry O’Quinn in a great performance as Howard Hughes.

I think it’s interesting to note that “The Rocketeer” began life as a comic book hero (created by Dave Stevens in 1982), but was unable to catch on like Superman in 1978 or Batman in 1989, but it is superior to Disney’s own “Dick Tracy” from 1990. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a pretty faithful adaptation of the comics. And I recommend you check the back issue bins at the comic store or stop by your local library to read more of Cliff’s adventures.

The current Disney DVD was produced with a pretty sad transfer and could really benefit from some special edition TLC. So what do you say Mickey, can you show “The Rocketeer” some love?

February 7, 2008

“IRON MAN”: The Other Dark Knight

BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS! On May 2, 2008 Marvel will unleash its’ latest comic hero film; Iron Man! Created in 1963, making his first appearance in “Tales of Suspense” #39, and joining the growing Marvel Universe. Like many in the Marvel pantheon Tony Stark is a man with out super-powers, loads of personal demons, and extraordinary circumstances that propel him in to the role of hero.

What helps make Tony Stark/Iron Man a great movie-ready character and a compelling read, is that he’s such a jerk. Unlike nerdy everyman Peter Parker (Spider-Man) or super-soldier sentry Steve Rogers (Captain America) nobody likes Tony Stark.
A brilliant, millionaire-industrialist playboy, Stark is the Howard Hughes of his generation, you know the type; men want to be him, women want to be with him. But he’s arrogant, self-centered, womanizing and (soon to be) an alcoholic, and wouldn’t it be great to see this jerk fall flat on his face?
But we’re a nation that cheers on those that repent and forgive those that seek redemption (Lindsay Lohan anyone?). When Tony Stark is taken down by a life threatening injury and must build his exo-skeleton suit of armor to keep himself alive and eventually defeats the warlord that imprisons him and goes on to establish one of the greatest super-hero teams ever; The Mighty Avengers, we rejoice!

In the title of this blog entry I mentioned the Dark Knight. And I’m sure you’re wondering why, right? This summer we will see that other Dark Knight, you know, that guy from over in Gotham? (“The Dark Knight” opens on July 18, 2008.) And I thought it was worth mentioning some of the similarities between Batman and Iron Man…
Bruce Wayne/Batman is a millionaire playboy industrialist who inherits his parent’s money and business when they are murdered. Tony Stark/Iron Man is a millionaire playboy industrialist who inherits his parent’s money and business when they are killed in a car accident.
Bruce Wayne uses his money and business holdings to build a costume to conceal his identity and create crime-fighting gadgets to wage his war on the underworld. Tony Stark uses his money and business holdings to build a costume to conceal his identity and create crime-fighting gadgets to wage his war on the underworld.
Batman joins forces with his fellow DC Universe heroes to form a new super-team: Justice League of America. Iron Man joins forces with his fellow Marvel Universe heroes to form a new super-team: The Avengers.
Batman’s closet friend, moral conscious and embodiment of truth, justice and the America way is Superman. Iron Man’s closet friend, moral compass and embodiment of truth, justice and the American way is Captain America.

“Iron Man” stars (genius casting alert) Robert Downy, Jr., who is no stranger to the paparazzi-chased, red-carpeted life, drug and alcohol abuse, and then redemption; so who better to play Tony Stark right? The film is directed by John Favreau (Swingers, Elf) who had a supporting role in 2003’s “Daredevil”.
The cast also features the ridiculously talented (and good looking) Terence Howard (Jim Rhodes), Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) and Jeff Bridges (Obadiah Stane). SPOILER/Spin-off alert: Terence Howard’s character dons his own armor in print as War Machine.
My friend over at LAFILMCUTTER.COM is high on this film and now I’m jumpin’ on the bandwagon too!

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