November 28, 2008


Hulk, Vol. 1: Red Hulk (Hardcover)
by Jeff Loeb (Author) and Ed McGuiness (Illustrator)

Just read Red Hulk and it's a pretty darn good, light, breezy, slam-bang, gee-whiz comic book. Playing like a sci-fi monster movie-murder mystery, it doesn't get bogged down by a lot of exposition or deep thinking, and gets right to the Hulk-Smash action.

This is the kind of comic I like the most - lots of action, great character interaction, artwork that fits the story, and enough dangling plot lines to bring you back for the next issue. And as a mystery there are twists and turns and a resolution of sorts by the end of chapter six. But this is no The Long Halloween, it's much less weighty and much less gloomy.

While I prefer the Loeb/Sale DC books (Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman For All Seasons), Loeb & McGuiness teamed up for a great Superman/Batman run. And I think that McGuiness' bombastic art style is good match for the Hulk.

A long time fan of titles like Justice League of America, Brave and the Bold, Avengers (New & Mighty), I enjoy a good team-up book, or a book that brings together multiple solo heroes. In RED HULK we get not only the Hulk, but She-Hulk, Iron Man, Namor and a great Thor vs. Red Hulk battle. The author also uses major Hulk supporting cast members like Rick Jones, Thunderbolt Ross and Doc Samson to help flesh out the story and set up multiple red herrings to steer the reader through the big mystery.

RED HULK spins right out of "World War Hulk" (which I did not invest in) and makes reference to events in "Civil War", but doesn't get tangled up in "Secret Invasion". If you didn't read World War Hulk that's ok. Loeb gets you up to speed quickly and makes this new story arc accessible to first time Hulk readers.

And here's an observation: Watch for a classic Avengers reunion in the near future. Iron Man is still here, Hulk is back, Thor is back, and there's a new Captain America. Toss in Hank Pym and the Wasp and you're kicking it old school, Lee & Kirby style. Just sayin'...

I would recommend RED HULK to any Marvel fan, Hulk fans or anyone whose interest was piqued by the recent Hulk movie, you won't be disappointed. Again, I liked it a lot, but since I had hoped for more content I'll give it a B.

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November 26, 2008


Can't really talk about much right now but we're working on a new show for the Discovery Channel. We're knee deep in it already and we have a camera crew en route to a remote location as we speak. Well, as I blog...

If you just can't stand it, and need to know more, e-mail me. You will have to sign papers, give blood, etc.

November 23, 2008


Some of you know about my obsession with Hasbro's Mighty Muggs collectibles. Well these little guys are my latest geek-must-have.

For my birthday Ryan gave me a birthday card with an awesome surprise inside... me as a Mighty Mugg! Check it out:


November 22, 2008


ABC will not be ordering anymore episodes of "Eli Stone" or "Pushing Daisies" beyond the current 13 episode agreement. It's a dark week indeed for the pie-maker and the philosopher.

With so much junk cluttering the airwaves, on both cable and broadcast, you'd think that the alphabet would stick with quality programming. I mean c'mon - they're keeping "Private Practice" and bringing back "According to Jim"!!!



Save 'em both!

November 8, 2008


We continue to inch forward toward completion of the Nat Geo project. The show will fall under their anthology banner "Man Made". Here's a link to The National Geographic Channel site so you can check it out.

National Geographic Channel: MAN-MADE

November 5, 2008


That's right. There's a new sheriff in town.

How amazing and awesome it is to live in a country like ours with free elections!
And even MORE amazing that we, the United States of America, have elected a black man to be our president!
We are moving forward folks. Slowly but surely the U.S. is moving forward.

Now don't get all crazy over the photo, or try to read something into it. It's just then Senator Obama having some fun in Metropolis, Illinois after one of his town hall meetings. Ya know, Superman? Metropolis? Ha!

God Bless America!