March 29, 2008

"TOUGHER IN ALASKA": Yup I'm still workin'

Just a quick update on The History Channel project I'm working on. I saw the completed first episode (as it will appear on TV), and it's pretty good!
I am however, not in the credits. I probably won't be in the credits for the second episode either. I came late to the production while "Gold" & "Salmon" were well underway. But I'm hopeful that you will spot my name starting with episode three.
There have been a few personnel changes over the past week too, and I have been given my date of separation. They will reach a point where my services are no longer needed and all the episodes are "in the can". The good news with this change in status is that I have a new job title: Associate Producer (woohoo!). I am now assigned to specific episode/editor/producer teams. I will be the guy they go to for research, fact checking, script reviews, footage reviews, coffee & donuts, etc.
More money you ask? Sorry to say no. But that's ok, I'm gaining knowledge, experience and making some great contacts. So I'm content to ride the wave for as long as I can!

March 27, 2008

"BSG": The Second Best Show on TV Returns

Get caught up in 8 minutes. Tune in Friday, April 4th at 10pm on the SciFi channel.

CLICK HERE to check out BSG on SciFI

March 8, 2008

“Tougher in Alaska”: Job Change

The good folks at Moore Huntley have decided to keep me on another two months. Hooray for a steady paycheck!

I’ll still be working as a Production Assistant, but now I’m working directly with the Writers/Editors/Producers doing research, fact checking, reviewing scripts and footage, etc.

It’s a step up from where I was, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. So here’s to two more months and looking for my name in the credits this spring - cheers!

March 3, 2008

“LOST”: Desmond-centric awesomeness!

So last Thursday’s episode could have caused a headache am I right? Aye brotha, it was time-trippy, mind-bending fun!
OK, so the island can cause time-travel like behavior... what!?!?
Penny's Father is looking for the island (and the “Black Rock”?)... Why?!?!
Ben's "inside man" on the ship is helping Sayid & Desmond, and he has got to be Michael... right?!?! (And speaking of the freighter, those guys are seriously creepy am I right? What’s up with that?)
The electro-magnetic storms that circle the island kept the crew of the "Black Rock" from leaving, kept Desmond from sailing away, crashed flight 815, what or who else has been trapped on that island?!?!
Desmond is Faraday’s ‘constant’; will we see more time-travel interaction with past and future Desmond? (I hope so!)
Not to mention the tug on the heart strings as Desmond fights to reach Penny before he loses his mind then dies. Which he did, then didn't... we were so relieved that he lived at the end, whew!
Is Penny's father the "Economist" that Sayid was going to assassinate in the future? (I’d bet on it.)

So many questions, so few answers. And we keep coming back for more!