April 22, 2009

STAR TREK - love it or hate it

(The following is a response to LAFILMCUTTERs recent post)

OH COME ON!!! How far up yer @$$ is that stick? Now pull it out, sit down and shut up!

I'm no purist, but I am a fan. Star Trek: TOS is awesome. And there is no way that a new younger cast can top the Shat, Nimoy and the rest of the gang. And "The Wrath of Khan" can't be beat right? But I am still looking forward to this new movie very much.

I also can acknowledge that the entire Trek franchise has grown as moldy as bleu cheese. And it needs a kick in the pants. I get what JJ and his cohorts are doing by re-imagining (that's right, I said it!) the Trek universe. I can dig it.

I drank the J.J. Abrams Kool-Aid a long time ago. Though, of course, for every "Alias" or "Cloverfield" we get there is also a "What About Brian" lurking just around the corner.

Listen there's no need to make "Terminator: Salvation" either. But they are! And I don't hear ya gettin' all anti-McG crazy over that now do I? Can I get a WTF for "Charlies Angels: Full Throttle"? Hmm? Can I?

OK, that's it. I'll shut my self up.

(The preceding was presented with peace, love and a smile from the East Coast.)


April 20, 2009


Hi all...
I am looking to collect any used/unwanted Star Wars action figures and vehicles.
NO, these are not for me. They will be donated to a very deserving, young Star Wars fan.


April 16, 2009


I finally got around to ordering new Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters. Went to MOVIEPOSTER.COM and got reprints of Star Wars style D, the "Circus" poster and Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom style B. I have a couple more to order to complete the wish list but this is pretty good start. Here are the posters...

Looking for a bargain? MoviePoster.com

Got money to burn? Cinemasterpieces.com

April 7, 2009

FANBOYS coming to DVD

Good news for those of you don't have the movie in a market or theater near you. "Fanboys" will be released on DVD, May 19th.

Star Wars dot Com

April 3, 2009


Shirt ironed, Mapquest printed, GPS on, car fueled? Check! OK, here we go...
Today I'll be driving up to South Portland, ME for an interview at Lone Wolf Documentary Group. They have an Associate Producer position open on their current project, so I told them I'd love to make the commute from Hooksett to S. Portland!

I'm not sure yet what the project is or what network it's for, they have several going at once. Here is the link to their website, you can check 'em out and see what their up to.

Founded in 1997 by award winning filmmakers Kirk and Lisa Wolfinger, Lone Wolf Documentary Group is an independent television production company with a long-standing reputation for developing and producing high-end documentaries.

April 1, 2009


Success! The job search is on the verge of a payoff. I have an interview on Friday. All that printing, folding, stuffing, licking and mailing WAS worth it.


The job search continues. I have mailed out 68 resumes to date.
In response I have received one very polite NO, and a definite MAYBE. Two out of 68, guess that's okay.

Today involves more internet searching more networking and more finger-crossing.