February 27, 2011

Facebook Recap - 2/27/11

Charlie Sheen Self Destruction Update
Two and a Half Men Crew Rips Charlie Sheen: "That Turd Can Pay My Mortgage"

No freaking way...
Chinese man builds homemade 10,000-pound Megatron tank replica

G4 Iron Man Anime Trailer

Cool (too)...
G4 X-men Anime Trailer

Yeah, I can see that...
Viggo Mortensen on Warners' Radar for 'Superman' Villain (Exclusive)

Charlie Sheen Self Destruction Update II
Charlie Sheen Gives First Television Interview to ABC

February 25, 2011

Time travel IS possible. Part II

Okay. Let’s go back and look more closely at the press kit from ABC for the 1996-97 season…

When you open the kit you see, left to right inserts for Specials, New Series and Movies & Mini-Series.

The specials for that year were:
The Barbara Walters Specials
The 69th Annual Academy Awards
The 48th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
ABC’s World of Discovery
25th Anniversary of Disney World
The 11th Annual American Comedy Awards
A Gala for the President at Ford’s Theatre
Magic with the Stars
The 24th Annual American Music Awards
About Us: The Dignity of Children
30th Anniversary of Caesar’s Palace
World Music Awards
Senior Prom

I’ll come back to New Series, but for now let’s jump ahead to Movies, they were:
ABC Sunday/Monday Movies: Made-For-Television/Premieres
First Do No Harm
Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park”
For the Love of Zachary
Mother’s Day
On the Plain Road
A Harvest of Lies
When Somebody Loves You
Talk to Me
On the Line
Braving Alaska
For Hope

ABC Sunday/Monday Movies: Theatricals/Premieres
Forrest Gump
The Specialist
Four Weddings and a Funeral
The Flintstones
Beverly Hills Cop III
I Love Trouble
The Firm
Major League II

ABC Mini-Series: Made-For-Television/Premieres
Stephen King’s “The Shining”
Robert J. Waller’s “Border Music”
The Wedding

Saturday Night at the Movies: Made-For-Television/Premieres
The Love Bug
Bridge of Time
The Ransom of Red Chief
Beverly Hills Family Robinson

Saturday Night at the Movies: Theatricals/Premieres
The Next Karate Kid
Look Who’s Talking Now
The Little Rascals
Angels in the Outfield
Andre the Seal
In the Army Now
Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”
Monkey Trouble

And that brings us back to the New Series section of the press kit. I was very surprised by the number of shows I did not recognize or remember. I was also surprised by some of the actors that appeared in these shows. It will be interesting (and fun) to do a ‘Where are they now’ posting after this.

New Series:
Dangerous Minds with Annie Potts
Life’s Work with Lisa Ann Walter
Spin City with Michael J. Fox
Townies with Molly Ringwald
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch with Melissa Joan Hart
Clueless with Rachel Blanchard
Common Law with Greg Giraldo
Relativity with Kimberly Williams

All right, there you have it, a quick trip back to 1996. I do plan to post a part three to discuss the New Series section more thoroughly. I am interested to see who the actors were and what happened to the shows themselves.

Facebook Recap - 2/24/11

Just to recap last night's highlights...

Charlie Sheen is an ass.
Charlie Sheen Makes Anti-Semitic Attack on 'Two and a Half' Men Creator

The trailer for Danny Boyle's "Frankenstein" is creepy cool.
Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller in Danny Boyle's Frankenstein for NT Live

The trailer for "Dead Island" is creepy sad.
Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer

Charlie Sheen is still an ass, and now he's costing people their jobs.
'Two and a Half Men' production halted for rest of the season

February 24, 2011

Time travel IS possible. Part I

The only drawback is you can’t jump to the future and you can’t control where in the past you land. But with the right amount of junk in your basement you can easily find yourself tripping across time.

Take yesterday morning for example; I was trying to find some photos of a past work place and a binder of notes from a TV production class. To my surprise I unearthed something almost as cool as those photos of me with 50 extra pounds and a porn star mustache.

In the mid nineties I had graduated from art school, worked a couple of different graphic design jobs and found myself at the local ABC affiliate. I worked there as a studio camera operator and the night graphic artist. While there I had a chance to collect some goofy, but fun, memorabilia. And now, seeing the light of day for the first time in almost a decade, here is an example of the stuff that finds its way into the trash at a TV station…

“The Six Million Dollar Man” camera-ready artwork to be used as a bumper or slide: (A bumper is a static image or video indicating the transition between a show and a commercial break. You don’t see them much anymore.)

“Planet of the Apes” camera-ready artwork to be used as a bumper or slide: Notice that there is no text or logo like appear on TSMDM slide.

Now, here is the same slide with the clear overlay and text in place. This photo was glued to white card stock and the clear plastic sheet (with transfer lettering) was taped to the card for easy removal, allowing for different text to be added later.

Here are the cover images from the 1996-97 Fall Prime Time Season press kit sent out by ABC.

The press kit has three sections, one for movies, one for specials and one for series. In the series section is the lineup for the 96-97 Season:

I’m still chuckling - There are shows on that schedule I don’t even remember! “Second Noah,” really? “High Incident?” “Common Law?” Where are they now, right? But a few shows are still on the air: “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “Monday Night Football,” and “20/20.” We’re going to come back to this press kit in a different post.

This next image is my favorite thing to come out of my trash-picking treasures. It is an autographed promo photo of actor Robert Urich from his show The Lazarus Man. The photo was part of a syndication press kit sent out by Turner in February of ’96.

The Lazarus Man ran on Turner Network Television for 22 episodes and was cancelled when Urich was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma. He did work in film and television during treatment but ultimately died from the disease in 2002.

Anyway, I always liked Robert Urich. From S.W.A.T. to Vegas to Spencer: For Hire he was one of my favorite TV actors, so having his autograph is kind of neat.

February 23, 2011

Nathan Fillion's "Firefly" references on "Castle"

From SyFy blastr:
As anyone who's been on the Internet for the last week knows, Nathan Fillion and Firefly are still attached at the hip. And even though he's got a hit crime procedural on ABC, the once and future (if he has his way) Mal Reynolds can't help but sneak his love for Joss Whedon's cult hit into his new gig.

You can see the rest on blastr

February 21, 2011

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Daytona 500 Trailer and Stills

This movie could be as sucktastic as #2 was but the Paramount marketing machine is gving me more reasons to see the movie than not. Take yesterday's Dayton 500 for example. I had not been paying much attention to TF3. So when I saw Josh Duhamel, Michael Bay & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley standing in front of a #88 Transformer and giving the command to start engines, I was paying attention then!

I was clueless to the fact that the NASCAR 'Wreckers' were in TF3 much less the big name stars (and cars) they were using. THEN, I saw them in the new trailer and being driven around the track too! I geeked a liitle bit and maybe even squealed like a little girl. They were awesome - I hope they have some nice die cast versions for sale soon!

I also like the trailer a lot. I like the mood it's trying to set, I like the vehicles they are showing, and I like that they aren't giving away the whole story before you even see the movie. Of course, there may not be any story given the debacle of TF2. We'll see.

Check out shots from the race of Josh Duhamel, Michael Bay & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on ZIMBIO

February 19, 2011

Five NEW reasons you should watch Fringe

The fate of “Fringe” hangs in the balance and you dear viewer (new and old) have the power to save this show. After FOX moved “Fringe” to the Friday-Night Death Slot their ratings have continued a slow, but noticeable, decline. Always a bubble show, this slide in the ratings could spell the end of our beloved, dysfunctional, fringe science family. So for your consideration I present five NEW reasons you should be watching “Fringe.”

5. The Ratings Suck – If you are a Nielsen Family I implore you to watch live or even DVR this show. If you are not a Nielsen family get thee to a keyboard and email FOX a.s.a.p. to show your support! Only you can prevent the untimely death of “Fringe.”

4. The Heart & The Smart – When “Fringe” first premiered many wrote it off as an “X-files” clone that didn’t quite live up to its predecessors reputation. But in the past two seasons “Fringe” has very much become its own show. We still get the freak-of-the-week stories but in addition the mythology has deepened and actually become easier to navigate. We’re now treated to weekly geek spasms of real AND fringe science, alternate universes, shape shifters and Observers. We also have greater character development, higher emotional stakes and not one, but two worlds to care about.
When we first meet the inhabitants of the alternate universe they appear to be the enemy, hell bent on our destruction. But as the show progresses, we learn not everything is black and white and you actually find yourself curious as to what the other side is up to, what their fringe cases are like, what will become of them.

3. The Writers – No, not every episode is going to be golden, but week in and week out the “Fringe” writers deliver some of the highest quality television on any network, in any genre. They must find a way to balance the heart and the smart not only in every episode but also across the entire season all while setting up the story arc for their (hopefull) retun next fall. It is due to this smart, crafty writing that the altverse has become so important to the viewers. Because of them Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop has become such a driving (and driven) force this season. I know, most folks think this season is about Olivia’s journey and struggles, but I think it’s been more about Peter and how he deals with the tug-of-war between Olivia/Fauxliva and Walter/Walternate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his head explode from the pressure!

2. John Noble – By far the best actor on “Fringe” John Noble brings to life not one, but two great characters. While Walternate is just starting to show his true colors and the chinks in his armor, Walter Bishop has been a brilliant and twisted, funny and frightening work of art for three seasons. It is a testament to his acting skills that I despised Noble’s Denethor in “The Lord of the Rings”, but have completely embraced Walter and all his craziness.
Noble has created a fractured genius, a man-child brilliant and visionary but also haphazard and mischievous. You can feel how hard Walter has to work at maintaining his cool, yet you just know he is one bad milk shake away from unraveling.
John Noble deserves an Emmy folks, seriously!

1. Oliva Dunham (over here & over there) – Anna Torv finally got to show how good an actor she could be when they introduced Fauxlivia. The altvereses Olivia was like a breath of fresh air, she burst on the scene all redheaded, gun toting and ass kicking. Torv was able to shed the by-the-book, icy, detached Olivia façade and exorcise some of that character's (repressed) demons.
Like John Noble’s Walternate, Torv’s Fauxlivia was not a likable character. She’s gruff and over-bearing and when she slips into our universe unnoticed she wreaks havoc on Peter’s life. Peter finally beds Olivia only to find out it isn’t HIS Olivia (whoops)! But after her return to the altverse she’s a changed woman. She’s been softened by her relationship with Peter and when she (and her fiancé) finds out she’s pregnant with Peter’s child, well, the ice cap melted and you actually felt sorry for her. I look forward to our visits to the altverse and watching Fauxliva in action, I’m not sure how the writer’s plan to end the altverse storyline but it won’t be easy.

Right after I finished writing this I Googled "Fringe ratings" and found this happy news:
'Fringe' ratings improve; Fox ties CBS for Friday win
“Friday ratings offer Fringe fans some relief: After two weeks of declines, the series stopped falling and reversed course.”

Good work citizens!

Fringe on FOX
Uh-oh: 'Fringe' ratings drop again
The Science of Fringe

February 16, 2011

"The Last Mountain" on Planet Forward

WHAT: On April 8, PBS will air a Planet Forward special... made by you. Hundreds of you have submitted smart ideas on energy innovation, many of which will be presented in the show. There is still time for your ideas, votes and comments to make a difference.

HOW: Your votes will help us choose the ideas that make it on the program. Your comments will help add depth to our coverage.

WHEN: The days are counting down. Nominations close on February 11 and voting closes a week later on February 18. Don't waste any more time!

"The Last Mountain" is nominated, and you can vote to make sure our film is part of the Planet Forward special. Please, go to Planet Forward and click "viability" in the lower left corner under the film synopsis.

February 13, 2011

"The Incredibles" on Blu-ray 2: I. Can't. Wait.

Here's the official press release for the Blu-ray release of Disney-Pixar's "The Incredibles."
Everyone’s Favorite Family of Undercover Superheroes Bursts Into High-Definition

Academy Award®-Winning Animated Feature
Makes Its Highly-Anticipated Blu-ray™ Debut On April 12th

BURBANK, Calif., February 10, 2011 – THE INCREDIBLES, everyone’s favorite family of undercover superheroes and Disney•Pixar’s two time Academy Award®-winning animated feature film (2004 Best Animated Feature Film and Best Achievement in Sound Editing), makes its highly-anticipated Blu-ray™ debut on April 12, 2011. Releasing as a 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (2 Blu-ray Discs + 1 DVD + 1 Digital Copy), this superset has something for everyone – from the discerning enthusiast who demands nothing less than the highest-quality home entertainment experience, to the family who enjoys the interactive and engaging bonus features that only Blu-ray can provide – making this a “must add” to every home entertainment collection across the nation.

From the creative minds behind the Toy Story films and Ratatouille, comes the hilarious, action-packed animated adventure about a seemingly ordinary family with an incredible secret. Releasing for the first time ever in high-definition and in its original theatrical wide screen version, THE INCREDIBLES has been packed to include fascinating audio commentary by Academy Award®-winning director Brad Bird and his fellow filmmakers, exclusive new bonus features, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes features, hilarious bloopers and much, much more.

An explosion of fun, comedy and action-packed adventure, THE INCREDIBLES 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack will be available at retailers nationwide for the suggested price of $45.99 U.S./$52.99 Canada.

Includes The Following All-New Bonus Features Plus All The Classic DVD Features:
The Incredibles Revisited – A roundtable discussion with Writer/Director Brad Bird, Producer John Walker, Story Supervisor Mark Andrews, Supervising Technical Director Rick Sayre, Production Designer Lou Romano, Character Designer Teddy Newton, and Supervising Animator Tony Fucile.
Paths To Pixar: Story Artists – Continuing the popular bonus feature series that viewers have seen onmany other Disney•Pixar releases, this exciting new feature showcases multiple Pixar story artists givingviewers exciting insight into their work, their inspiration and the personal paths that eventually led themto a career at Pixar.
Studio Stories: Gary’s Birthday – Trying to make a movie when there are not enough work days and too many birthday parties? This feature showcases how The Incredibles crew solved that problem.
Ending With A Bang: Making The End Credits – Interview with Director of Photography Andy Jimenez and Character Designer Teddy Newton about the process of creating the end credits for the film.
“The New Nomanisan” Island Redevelopment Plan – A guided tour of Nomanisan Island, post-Syndrome, pitching the island as a vacation resort paradise.
Classic DVD Features:
The DVD in the 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack Includes:
The Incredibles feature film
The original short film Jack-Jack Attack
Pixar’s Academy Award®-nominated short film Boundin’ (2003 Best Animated Short)

Street Date April 12, 2011
Direct Prebook February 8, 2011
Distributors Prebook February 22, 2011
Suggested Retail Price 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (2 Blu-ray Discs + 1 DVD + 1 Digital Copy Disc) = $45.99 U.S./$52.99 Canada

Feature Run Time Approximately 115 Minutes

Rated USA: “PG” (For Action Violence); Canada: “G” (For Violence)
*Bonus materials not rated

Technical 2.39 (Presentation Size: 16X9)

Sound English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Sound, Eng 2.0 DVS

Languages English, French and Spanish

Subtitles English SDH, French and Spanish

THE INCREDIBLES follows the adventures of a family of former superheroes who are rediscovering the true source of their powers—in one another. Once one of the world’s top masked crime fighters, Bob Parr (a.k.a. Mr. Incredible) fought evil and saved lives on a daily basis. But 15 years later, he and his wife Helen (the former Elastigirl) have been forced to take on civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs. Today they, and all superheroes, live as mere mortals. Bob and Helen lead all-too-ordinary lives with their children, Violet and Dashiell “Dash” Parr, who go out of their way to appear “normal,” and new baby Jack-Jack As a clock-punching insurance man, the only thing Bob fights these days is boredom and a bulging waistline. Itching for action, the sidelined superhero gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment. Now, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, the family must come together and once again find the fantastic in their family life.

THE INCREDIBLES, features a top-notch list of voice cast talent that includes Craig T. Nelson (TV’s “Parenthood,” “Coach”) as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter (TV’s “Saving Grace,” 1993 Academy Award®-winning Best Actress for The Piano) as Helen Parr/Elastigirl, Samuel L. Jackson (The Other Guys, Iron Man 2) as Lucius Best/Frozone, Jason Lee (TV’s “My Name is Earl,” Almost Famous) as Buddy Pine/Syndrome, Spencer Fox (The Groomsmen, and the voice of Mudbud in Air Buddies) as Dashiell Parr (Dash), Sarah Vowell (author and noted radio show commentator on public radio’s “This American Life”) as Violet Parr, Jean Sincere (TV’s “Glee,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Frasier”) as Mrs. Hogenson, John Ratzenberger (TV’s “Cheers,” the Toy Story films) as the Underminer, Wallace Shawn (TV’s “Gossip Girl,” The Princess Bride) as Gilbert Huph and many more.

THE INCREDIBLES is produced by John Walker (The Iron Giant) and executive produced by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios John Lasseter (The Toy Story films, Cars, Monsters, Inc.). Kori Rae is associate producer, and Katherine Sarafian is production manager. Written and directed by Academy Award®-winning Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Iron Giant, TV’s “The Simpsons”). And playing a major role in creating the film’s retro-futuristic style and exuberant mood is Academy Award®-winning composer Michael Giacchino (Up, Ratatouille and TV’s “Lost”).

Junior is on the pole!

For the first time in his career Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the pole for the Daytona 500. And he does it for the race that marks the 10th anniversary of his father's death at Daytona in 2001. Good luck Junior!

Read more at NASCAR.com

"Tron" & "Tron: Legacy" on Blu-ray

Walt Disney Studios will release "Tron" & "TRON: Legacy" and Walt Disney Records will be release TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED, an album featuring 14 remixes of the original motion picture score on April 5th.

Official Press Release:

Hits The Grid - Tuesday, April 5th


BURBANK, CA, February 11, 2011 – The Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce the release of its high-tech, action-packed adventure TRON: Legacy, available April 5th on multiple home entertainment platforms, including Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital Copy, Movie Download and On-Demand. Also making its long-awaited Blu-ray debut on April 5th is TRON: The Original Classic Special Edition.

Sure to light-up fans this Spring, TRON: Legacy providesconsumers with the ultimate Hi-Def Blu-ray experience with breathtaking 1080p visuals and superior 7.1 surround sounds that bring to life the visually stunning world of TRON. Taking you further behind the grid, are also in-depth bonus features on the making of the film (i.e., creating the futuristic vehicles and world of TRON, storyline mythologies, actors/characters and more) and the all-new Disney Second Screen interactive experience.

Disney Second Screen transforms the movie watching experience by allowing viewers to explore the story behind the film perfectly synched on a second device, like an iPad™ or laptop, without interrupting their enjoyment of the movie. By simply accessing the Disney Second Screen companion application on their Internet-connected device, consumers are able to dive deeper into the film by engaging with elements including 360-degree vehicle turnarounds, interactive progression reels, and more. Disney Second Screen directions and access codes can be found inside the Blu-ray Disc packaging.Audio synching is powered by TVPLUS.

The original motion picture score for TRON: Legacy, released by Walt Disney Records on December 7, 2010, was composed and produced by the iconic and critically acclaimed Grammy® Award–winning French duo Daft Punk. The album peaked at No. 4 on The Billboard 200 and was the highest charting score soundtrack in over a decade. Walt Disney Records will be releasing TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED, an album featuring 14 remixes of the original motion picture score on April 5th.

Film Synopsis: Experience the original landmark motion picture that inspired a new generation of digital filmmakers and became a favorite of fans and critics across the world. Relive the electrifying thrills of TRON with an all-new, state-of-the-art digital restoration and enhanced high-definition sound.

When a brilliant video game maker named Flynn (Jeff Bridges) hacks the mainframe of his ex-employer, he is beamed inside an astonishing digital world and becomes part of the very game he is designing. Complete with never-before-seen bonus materials, it's an epic adventure that everyone will enjoy!

U.S. Release Date: April 5, 2011

Release Format: Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital Download & On-Demand

Rating: US-PG

Feature Run Time: Approximately 96-minutes

Talent/Cast: Jeff Bridges (TRON: Legacy, True Grit, The Big Lebowski)
Bruce Boxleitner (TRON: Legacy, Transmorphers: Fall of Man)
David Warner (Planet of the Apes, Titanic, The Omen)
Cindy Morgan (Caddyshack, TV's "Falcon Crest")

Director: Steven Lisberger (TRON: Legacy, Hot Pursuit)

Producer: Donald Kushner (TRON: Legacy, Monster)

You can pre-order them both at DisneyStore.com

February 12, 2011

Rediscovering [Walt] Disney: Bill Justice

Like everyone else yesterday I read about the passing of Disney legend, Bill Justice. And what amazed me the most about this incredibly creative man was the longevity of his career at Disney. He worked for the company 42 years until his retirement in 1979.

During his time with the company (starting in 1937) he worked with Walt himself, contributed to numerous animated masterpieces (Alice in Wonderland, Bambi and Peter Pan to name a few.), live-action films and even worked as an Imagineer. He was inducted into Disney Legends hall of fame in 1996.

But the thing I keep going back to is the fact that he worked for that company 42 years. I cannot imagine what it must be like to work that long, let alone want to work that long for one employer. It just goes to show you how special the Walt Disney Company, and Walt himself, were to work for. Bill Justice was allowed to be creative, and encouraged to be creative, in so many different aspects and divisions of the Disney company. We should all be so lucky.

You can read Disney's official statement at their D23 site, and take a look at the IMDb entries for his film career, amazing.

Check out this behind the scenes tour of the Haunted Mansion attraction and see if can spot Bill hard at work...

February 10, 2011

"X-men: First Class" Official Trailer

I was not a fan of this project, and mainly because this is not THE first class of mutants. I've been an X-fan long enough to have an attachment to Jean, Scott, Bobby, Warren and Hank, and when they announced the line up of mutants for this picture, well... BUT I'm here to tell you this trailer has changed my mind!

I love the tone of this piece, the music they use, the action shots they chose and the BLACKBIRD!!! The trailer gives off an ominous vibe as we hear President Kennedy speak, and we get a glimpse at Erik's power and the coming showdown between the X-men and The Brotherhood.

So watch, enjoy and let the debate begin!

Good day in the blogosphere.

I perused the blog role this morning, accompanied by my first cup of joe, and a few blurbs caught my eye...

Lethal Weapon mastermind might take a shot at Iron Man 3
Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr. together again? That could work.

'Twilight' Writer Melissa Rosenberg Takes Over Summit's 'Highlander' Script
Ho. Lee. Crap.

Jeffrey Reiner Closes In On 'Wonder Woman' Pilot Directing Gig
Okay, hiring a director, that's good right? One step closer to reality.

CBS Picks Up Drama Pilot From J.J. Abrams, Jonah Nolan
Written by "The Dark Knight" co-writer Jonah Nolan.

DreamWorks Buys J. Michael Straczynski's Script About Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle
Nice to see some more JMS on the screen (as opposed to on the pages of his comics).

Doctor Who Infographic from Bob Canada

Gearing up for the next season of "Doctor Who"? Wanna be cool like your Whovian friends but are completely lost (So, what's a TARDIS)? Then check out this cool primer on all things the Doctor. Obviously there is way more data to mine and hours upon hours of "Doctor Who" episodes to watch in order to really know about the Whoniverse, but it's a great place to start. And it's fun to look at! Thanks to illustrator Bob Canada for creating this little bit of awesomeness! As always, click on the image to see a larger version.

Bob Canada's Blogworld!

February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Trailers: Hits & Misses

As one of 100 million people watching the Super Bowl, I was also watching the commercials and the new movie trailers that debuted last night. There was a lot to see, some great, some okay, and some studios should have saved their money.

Here is my non-scientific, purely fanboy opinion of what were the hits and the misses...

HITS! :)
"Super 8"
"Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon"
"Captain America: The First Avenger"
"Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides"
"Battle: Los Angeles"
"The Adjustment Bureau"

"Fast and Furious 5"
"Cowboys and Aliens" - WAIT, what? I know, I know, let me explain. I was not as impressed by this spot as I was by the teaser trailer they released. I felt this one did not do enough to explain the story, it was kind of just quick action bits and gratuitous naked Oliva Wilde shot.
"Thor" - Ha, ha! Again this one does not have the good story elements the last one does. It was too jumbled, lots of fast cuts, loud action but no point.
"Take Me Home Tonight"
"Just Go With It"
"Justin Bieber never Say Never"
"Drive Angry"

And filed under 'Cop Out' (I can't like it or loath it, it just is...) are these:
"The Eagle"
"Kung Fu Panda 2"

Agree? Disagree? Did I miss something?

See these trailers and more at trailers.apple.com

"Super 8" Super Bowl Spot

"Terra Nova" Super Bowl Spot

February 3, 2011

Nostalgia Day!

I was surfing the web this morning, looking for some reference material and I started hitting all these fun, nostalgia related sites and blogs. Found some great old commercials on YouTube and thought I'd share a few.

The Morning After

The sun was shining brightly this morning, you'd never know we had just escaped "Snowpocalypse 2011". I stuck the camera out the back door and took a couple of shots just to show how nice it was.

February 2, 2011

Say, did you notice all the snow?

Yeah, it snowed some up here in the great white northeast. We have about 12 new inches in our backyard with more on the way tonight and this weekend! Just for fun here are some pictures and a couple of videos from the past couple of days...

NBC reduces episode order for "The Cape"

According to reports NBC has dropped their episode order from 13 to 9 on the clearly ratings challenged "The Cape."
Now that doesn't mean they cancelled it (or will) but, well... I'm just sayin'. And for the record, I wrote this one off half way through the pilot episode. Just way too reminiscent of the dearly departed, bruised and battered "Heroes."

The good news? This frees up Summer Glau to find a new, worthy project!

"Elektra Luxx" Trailer

You had me at "Carla Gugino plays an ex-porn star." It doesn't hurt that the cast is great and the clips are funny too!

Elektra Luxx on IMDb