March 15, 2009


So, after a near millennia of gestation, "Jonny Quest" is finally headed to the big screen. Thank Hanna and Barbera!
Now, I know this is not the white hot property that most of Hollywood is looking for. And quite frankly, like "Watchmen" this may be for a core fanbase of loyal Jonny fans.

BUT - I think that there is a great opportunity to bring in a new, younger generation of fans by casting newly kid-friendly Dwayne Johnson as Jonny's body guard, Roger "Race" Bannon. He'll be re-teaming with director Andy Flickman (The Game Plan & Race to Witch Mountain), which is a good thing. I thought "The Game Plan" was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm looking forward to "Witch Mountain", an older Disney franchise that I remember fondly. Now for all you "High School Musical" haters (and fans) the rumor is that Zac Efron is being cast as Jonny himself. 17 year old heart throb plays 11 year old adventurer... talk amongst yourselves. OK, so cast Tim Matheson as Dr. Quest, get a real dog to play Bandit and maybe toss in Dev Patel as Hadji, and we got a movie!

There's gonna be a lot of hair dye on the set to be sure. With Race's vivid, white GI Joe hair cut, Jonny's primary yellow do and the red-headed Dr. Quest, the makeup department is gonna be busy. (NO, I don't really think they're gonna dye Jonny's hair yellow!)

Concerns? Sure. Can you say "Speed Racer", "Thunderbirds"? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, meet Roger "Race" Bannon.

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  1. Yeaaaaah. Speed Racer. So sad. Matthew Fox- what? What was he doing? What is he ever doing? Besides crying on Lost.

    Hadji's your favorite, isn't he?