April 22, 2009

STAR TREK - love it or hate it

(The following is a response to LAFILMCUTTERs recent post)

OH COME ON!!! How far up yer @$$ is that stick? Now pull it out, sit down and shut up!

I'm no purist, but I am a fan. Star Trek: TOS is awesome. And there is no way that a new younger cast can top the Shat, Nimoy and the rest of the gang. And "The Wrath of Khan" can't be beat right? But I am still looking forward to this new movie very much.

I also can acknowledge that the entire Trek franchise has grown as moldy as bleu cheese. And it needs a kick in the pants. I get what JJ and his cohorts are doing by re-imagining (that's right, I said it!) the Trek universe. I can dig it.

I drank the J.J. Abrams Kool-Aid a long time ago. Though, of course, for every "Alias" or "Cloverfield" we get there is also a "What About Brian" lurking just around the corner.

Listen there's no need to make "Terminator: Salvation" either. But they are! And I don't hear ya gettin' all anti-McG crazy over that now do I? Can I get a WTF for "Charlies Angels: Full Throttle"? Hmm? Can I?

OK, that's it. I'll shut my self up.

(The preceding was presented with peace, love and a smile from the East Coast.)


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  1. Cool that you added this here as well. Like I said before, we'll see at the end of this week...