May 1, 2009

"X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE": Not What You Hope For.

"X-men Origins: Wolverine" sags under the weight of The Blob, Logan's adamantium-laced skeleton and a ponderous, over-stuffed and cliche-riddled script.

After a very promising first half the film begins to bow to the pressure of being the first summer block-buster. Too many bad CGI filled action sequences. Too many bad lines (and line readings), everything from the over-used-please-stop-saying-it; 'let's do this' to the always popular; 'there's a special place in hell...' And too many super-powered mutants.

Seriously? seriously. I mean just how many of the X-Universe characters need to be squeezed in to these movies anyway? Especially if they are A) Unknown to all but the most diehard fanboy, or B) Put in the movie (out of context or continuity) in hopes of generating some interest in yet another X-Sequel. ie: Wade "Deadpool" Wilson & Remy "Gambit" LeBeau. Although, I really enjoyed Ryan Reynold's performance as Wade Wilson and would like to see a Deadpool move.

Poor Hugh Jackman. He has to be one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood right now. He's a great movie star and there is no doubt he is sincere in his commitment to this film. Seen "Access Hollywood" this month? He infuses Logan (where DID that name come from?) with humanity and a sense of humor. And the abs and pecs on that guy... holy crap! When he steps out of his cabin sans shirt you could actually hear the women catch their breath and swoon at our showing . BUT it's not enough to lift this film above it's lackluster script and (again) it's own bloated carcass.

It's unfortunate that Marvel Studios can't wrestle the rights back from 20th Century Fox. If this had been made by Marvel (see "Iron Man" & "The Incredible Hulk") we would have had a much more streamlined, fast paced, character driven flick. And compared to last summer's "The Dark Knight" and "Iron Man" it's shocking how mundane, cliche and pedestrian this movie is.

If there is a sequel (God no.) then we're gonna need characters and foes worthy of the legend of Wolverine. The Hulk, Wendigo & Alpha Flight? Mariko Yashida & The Hand? And now that he's lost his memories he had better become the badass of the Marvel U. that we fanboys know and love.

I won't say don't go see it. Heck no. It's the summer movie season after all and what better way to prime yourself than a comic book, buttered popcorn, action flick? But I will say that it's no better than a C+ in the alphabet rating system. And I strongly recommend paying the matinee price to see it.

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