June 4, 2009


Well I found something to help pass the time and keep my hand in the biz. I am volunteering at "The Refuge Media Project" in Boston (Roslindale). The project was started by Ben Achtenberg, he is the project director and the executive producer of the documentary. Ben is an Oscar nominated producer and a seven-time CINE Golden Eagle winner.

It’s estimated that more than 500,000 immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the United States have been victims of politically motivated torture. They come here from Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia — some legally, some undocumented, some with families and some very much alone. They live in major American cities and in small towns. Some survivors bear visible scars, but many more have been wounded in ways that remain hidden. Throughout the United States, healthcare and social service professionals and students have mobilized to respond to their needs.

The Refuge Media Project was created by filmmakers, health educators, and human rights activists concerned about this issue. We are producing a half-hour documentary on immigrant torture survivors in the United States, and on some of the individuals and organizations who are working to help survivors deal with their traumatic pasts, and with the sometimes traumatic experience of coming to America.

I'll be in the office and working from home on a variety of projects including writing articles for the website, fundraising efforts and helping when needed with production or post-production. With the exception of Ben the staff is entirely volunteer, mostly interns from nearby universities. Sooooo... the project can always use more money. If you are so inclined please visit the website and click on the donation link and give what you can. THANK YOU!

The Refuge Media Project


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