September 27, 2010

Rediscovering [Walt] Disney: Postcards from the World

Yesterday I put up the postcards from the '78 trip to WDW. Today I'm putting up the postcards from my 1991 trip. Can you see a difference in the cards my parents bought and the ones I bought? I wonder what we were thinking about when we made our selections?

Again, the description from the back of the card is included and you can click on the image to see a larger version. As always, enjoy!

On The Magic of Disney Animation, guests meet and talk to Disney artists while observing first-hand the fascinating, multi-faceted process of creating Disney animated films.

New York Street, part of the Backstage Tour, provides a versatile, fascinating setting for the filming of everything from flashy dance numbers to sinister spy thrillers!

Attention Star Tours visitors! Fasten your seat-belts and prepare for take off. Tours depart every five parsecs from the Star Tours Space Port for hundreds of thrilling intergalactic destinations.

The Moon of Endor, home to the resourceful Ewoks, gives picturesque welcome to travelers aboard the state-of-the-art Starspeeder 3000.

The famous cloud city of Bespin in Lando Calrisian is a favorite fun-time excursion for customers of the Star Tours intergalactic travel company.

"TYPHOON LAGOON" - A state-of-the-art water adventure gives small and large fry lots of ways to enjoy the four S's: surfing, snorkeling, sliding--and just splashing around!

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