June 4, 2011

24 Hours of Facebook - 6/3/11

The return of Endeavor, SWCVI is coming, JJ, Steven & Super 8, Thor review, Bamf! Snikt! & Thwip!, R.I.P. James Arness and Lord Vader plays rough.

Kelly, Giffords reunite, hold hands for 2 hours - USATODAY.com

SWCVI - Star Wars Celebration VI (August 2012)

Steven Spielberg: 'Super 8' is the first true J.J. Abrams film - Hero Complex

Super 8 - TV Spot #2 [HD]

Thor: A better late than never review.

James Arness has died: Why he was the greatest TV law-man - EW.com

Greetings from James Arness - jamesarness.com

BOOM! How Comic Book Sounds Become Movie Sounds - Gizmodo.com

Star Tours: Darth Vader goes to Disneyland

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