July 21, 2011

Say, my artwork is getting around...

I was checking the stats on the blog dashboard, seeing how folks are finding the blog, who is looking at the blog, etc., and I followed a link back to here:

Lo and behold two of my vintage aviation inspired posters made one of her posts! How cool (and fun) is that? So here's the link, you can go check it out... Vintage Aviation Poster Collection


  1. My pleasure - your posters are really cool!

  2. What is even cooler is that you are not offended by this, but excited. It is refreshing to see people with a laid back perspective on this sort of thing.

  3. Hey Nerdy,
    I'm always happy when somebody else (besides me) like my art!
    Besides I'm always posting other artist's work on my site too, so nope not offended in the least.