September 28, 2011

Countdown to Walt Disney World 2011 (4)

4 Days Until Disney!

It's 2009 and we have been blessed with the arrival (Surprise!) of our very own princess, Maddy. As an excuse to return to WDW, celebrate Maddy's birthday (late) and subconsciously create an annual pilgrimage, we decide to book a vacation.

Jumping in feet first Lisa starts the research and planning process. We buy every possible WDW guidebook, bookmark every relevant (and useless) WDW related website, and begin the all-important making of lists (Which are discarded, revised and updated with gleeful abandon!).

We settle on a time (September), and length of trip (6 days) and then book the hotel; the Wilderness Lodge. In the process of making the hotel reservations Lisa is asked if she wants to upgrade to a Villa. Since it's a great deal and we'll have our own kitchen and laundry facility the answer is YES! Again, we had not been thinking about Disney Vacation Club and were only peripherally aware of it. Were we in for a treat!

The trip is a rousing success! Maddy loves Disney World (Who doesn't?), we fall in love with the place all over again and marvel at all the small things we had never seen or done before thanks to Princess Maddy. And of course we can't help but smile and melt a little inside every time Maddy breaks into a dance, gets a huge smile on her face or falls asleep on our shoulders. That Disney magic is working overtime to suck us in!

And suck us in it does. Thrilled with our room and the peace and quiet of the Villas, the private pool, and beautiful surroundings we stop by the DVC desk in the lodge. We talk briefly with the DVC rep and decide to take the tour and get the sales pitch. Two hours later we are the proud owners of a small parcel of Kidani Village property and are now helping to feed and house the Animal Kingdom Lodge critters. And before this trip is even over we're already planning our return trip so we can take advantage of our new DVC membership!

I now have a new video camera, purchased just for making Maddy home movies, so I have much better video clips to share. Here is a look at our trip:

And here a few photos too (from my Facebook albums: Maddy in Disney World, Maddy in Disney World, day 2, Maddy in Disney World, day 3, Maddy in Disney World, day 4, Maddy in Disney World, day 5, Maddy in Disney World, epilogue):

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