January 24, 2012

And I quote... Steven Moffat (Sherlock & Doctor Who)

"They are very clever shows, but they also fetishise cleverness. Cleverness is the superpower. So I get irritated when people say on Twitter: 'It's too complicated. I'm not following it.' Well, you could try putting your phone down and watching it."
When Moffat took over from Davies as Doctor Who's head writer, he was in Hollywood, having been contracted to write three Tintin films for Steven Spielberg. He walked out on Spielberg – what a thing to have on his CV! "I felt really guilty. Far from swaggering out of the building saying, 'I don't care about your damn movie', I felt haunted with guilt because I was the villain. I'm glad they used some of my script in the first film. Steven was lovely about it. He could have sued me."
Isn't choosing British TV over Hollywood nuts, career-wise? "Not really. I think TV is pushing ahead. It used to be we make TV on video and they remake it on 35mm. We all now work in high-def, we all have the same cameras. You can get things made the same year you think of it, rather than 12 years later. We can make three Sherlock films in the time it takes Hollywood to have lunch."
You can read the entire interview at guardian.co.uk.

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