October 7, 2010

And then came the 80’s…

It’s hard to believe that we graduated high school 30 years ago. It is awesome and awful at the same time. Awesome that we graduated in time to welcome MTV, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Dynasty (among other 80’s awesomeness). But awful to think that that much time has passed, so many grey hairs have appeared and how many more awesome things never came to be. Hey, where IS my jetpack?!

And of course you can’t mention MTV and not think about all of the music (mostly one-hit wonder pop tunes) that flowed out of our TV’s and into our eyes and ears. I bought my fair share of cassette tapes through Columbia House and BMG, and some was terrible and most are forgotten now, but there were some really good albums that came from the decade that gave us President Reagan, Mt. St. Helen, the Challenger disaster and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And like my previous post most of these albums are connected with some event (good or bad) from my fairly turbulent past only this time we get a snapshot of my twenty’s.

These again are presented in no special order, just a random collection, like they appear in my head…

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