October 8, 2010

Hold on to your hats kids it’s the 90’s!

I have to confess; as much fun as the 80’s were the 90’s were a MUCH better decade for me. Sure, as with every time period in your life there are regrets, missteps, burnt bridges and shamefully wasted opportunities. But over all, yes, the 90’s were really good to me.

I had reached a high point in my then career (Assistant Chief of the Albany Airport Fire Department); I was putting my self through college (Sage Junior College of Albany) and would graduate with a degree (AAS Graphic Design). I left (was shoved out of) the airport but went to work at my first GD job (Glens Falls Newspapers) straight out of school. When I decided to pursue a 4-year degree I was accepted at my first choice: RIT’s Film program (Hmm? Oh, that's a tale for another day).

The 90’s started me on my quest to work in TV and film. I went to The New School in Albany where I met David B. (www.lafilmcutter.com) and I worked at WTEN ABC-10 for a year before we moved to Lansdale, PA.

Lansdale, PA was the town that launched my fun-filled scouting career (14 years later I’m STILL involved in scouting) and introduced us to the Lafeys and the Kirkners before we moved north to New Hampshire. In New Hampshire we met the Desharnais, the Ladieus and the Eagle Patrol. And of course the 90’s gave me Lisa and Ryan, and in retrospect Maddy too (can’t have Maddy without Lisa)!

Wow, I know I’ve forgotten something else significant but there was a lot going on in those ten years! Gonna have to go look at some photo albums I guess.

So let’s take a look at the music I was listening to during this whirlwind decade of growth…

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