October 5, 2010

Space-worm thingy’s from my past…

It was the 70’s; I was a punk-ass teenager – too smart for my own good and too stupid at the same time. Didn’t do well in school and could care less. I had really good friends and we were having fun and that was enough for me. I was just going along for the ride.
And as is true for most teenagers there were a lot parties, trips to the drive-ins, underage drinking and the occasional experimentation with illicit substances (oh, you too?).

And all through this hazy and mostly forgotten golden age of my misspent youth there played a soundtrack. Now, forgiving the world its obsession with disco, there was a lot of good music produced in the 70’s.

And like the theme song from “Hawaii 5-0” or “It’s A Small World”, a lot of these songs crawl in your ear and attach themselves to your brain (like that space-worm thingy in “The Wrath of Kahn”). And at just the right moment a memory is triggered and a tune starts to play and you’re magically transported back in time to the moment you first heard the song, or that special time and place that is defined by an album.

That’s what happened this past weekend while Lisa and I were driving around with Maddy with the radio tuned to 96.5 The Mill. Journey came on and I was instantly transported back in time to Clayton A. Bouton High School and our in-school detention room and the wall mural we were allowed to paint there. Guess they thought if they just kept us out of general population nobody would get suspended or shived in the showers (I kid!). We had painted the logo from Journey’s “Infinity” album (among others) on our giant blank canvas. So now every time I hear “Wheel in the Sky” or “Feeling that Way”, I’m zapped right back to that same room and the same time in my life.

And (as my restless brain often does) I started thinking about all of those albums from the 70’s that represent the space-worm thingy’s from my past that are attached to my brain and occasionally wake up and cause me to wax nostalgic. So here I have compiled a gallery of album art from those space-worm records (yes kids, vinyl!) that crawl closest to the surface of my grey matter. Please, chime in with your own picks & pix of albums from your youth that still haunt you.

These are presented in no special order, just a random collection, like they appear in my head…

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