May 15, 2011

Hooksett shines for Hollywood (Candia & Manchester too!) – Part 1

This past week I had a gig as a Key Set PA with LMNO Productions (Encino, CA). They were in town to shoot an episode of "Unusual Suspects" for Investigation Discovery (ID).
The episode covers the murder of Danny Paquette in 1985, the on again, off again investigation that followed, and finally solving the case 20 years later.

Here’s a diary of my 8 days with LMNO…

Day 1 – 5/5/11
Location scout and photo safari. Drove to Candia and Manchester to see business and house locations took photos and reported back to the L.A. office.

Day 2 – 5/7/11
Had the day off Friday as the crew finished up a shoot in NY and the director flew in from L.A.
Met the director and another PA at the Hilton Garden Inn (Manchester), after intros, small talk and a brief overview of the day’s schedule we headed upstairs to get ready for the first round of taped interviews.
Interview One – Bill Shackford (Hooksett Police, Ret.). After Bill’s interview we drove to Hooksett to shoot at Bill’s house. Went to Robie’s Store for lunch and met interview #2.
Interview Two – Victor Paquette (Danny’s brother). The L.A. office flew Victor up from Florida so he could talk with us. Talked for a bit, shot some stuff on the RR bridge behind Robie's then drove back to the hotel for the sit down interview.

Day 3 – 5/8/11
Back to the hotel for more interviews.
Interview Three – Kevin Flynn (Co-author “Our Little Secret”)
Interview Four – Rebecca Lavoie (Co-author “Our Little Secret”)
After the interviews we move down the hall to an empty suite where we shoot a ‘reenactment’ of Kevin and Rebecca working on their book.
We eat lunch in the room and catch a couple of innings of the Fishercats game that’s being played right outside our window!
After lunch we head back to Hooksett to interview Victor Paquette again, this time at the Deerhead Sportsman’s Club. Since its pouring rain when we get there we get permission to go inside and shoot a scene. Great atmosphere and not something on the shot list so it’s a happy accident.

Day 4 – 5/9/11
Last day of interviews. We reset the room for single interviews and get the DP’s truck ready to go out and shoot even more B-roll in Hooksett and Hopkinton.
Interview Five – Jeff Strelzin (Asst. Attorney General)
The DP, the other PA and I take off and head to Hooksett. On the way we stop at Elliot Hospital and get some exterior footage, then in Hooksett we stop at the safety center where we meet with Lt. Cline. He shows us around the exterior and even helps us get shots of a patrol car with its lights on! Next we’re off to the old town hall, Robie's and some town signs.
The DP and I drive back to the hotel and drop off the PA so he can help with the next interview.
Interview Six – Roland Lamy (NH State Police, Ret.)
The DP and I head out for some more B-roll in Hooksett, time-lapse at the Congregational Church, a freight train on the bridge, and driving shots of the village with a hood-mounted camera.
After Hooksett we drive over to Hopkinton to see the Old Hopkinton Cemetery, Hopkinton High School and Rowell Bridge #9.
We hustle back to Hooksett (yet again) to capture a time-lapse sunset over the Merrimack River.
I drive us back to the hotel and head home myself. Tomorrow the fun begins!

To Be Continued…

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