May 29, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Ark Memorabilia - Part 2

Last time...

The Star Wars Fan Club also gave you an opportunity to purchase an original Raiders One Sheet. All you had to do was mail in a SASE with a check for a whopping $7.00 plus shipping & handling. Then wait patiently for the men and women of the US Post Office to complete their appointed rounds and... five months after the premiere of Raiders you would have your very own "Raiders of the Lost Ark" One Sheet!

And here it is...

Actually this is a nice big scan from kennmac's Photobucket album.

Here's mine, framed and looking for some wall space.

I did have it hanging up in my home office (along with Temple of Doom, Last Crusade and Crystal Skull), but when Maddy's Princess Playroom took over Indy was assigned a number and wheeled off into an undisclosed warehouse by our 'top men.' As I did with the Raiders flyer that came in the mail I saved the SASE from the one sheet order. It's the closest thing I have to a certificate of authenticity.

The mailed flyer and the one sheet are my oldest pieces of Indy memorabilia. As a matter of fact that poster is my oldest one sheet (and only one of three originals in the house) period. I don't think I owned a Star Wars one sheet (there were lots of other posters yes) until Lisa bought me an artist signed "Return of the Jedi" one sheet from QVC.

Maddy was curious about what I was doing when I took that photo so I introduced her to Dr. Jones.

Then Lisa and I surprised her with her very own one sheet...

Slowly but surely Maddy is being geeked. Of course she's well on her way to being a Disney Geek as it is.

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