May 19, 2011

Smells Like Death

Here's the last of the D.B. DeMille movie posters. I did start out to make a very retro 50's - 60's horror movie poster but turns out it had a mind of its own and skewed modern. And hey, I like the way it turned out so that's cool. Maybe someday I'll revisit the retro version.

I needed a back story to help me navigate the design and images I had floating around in my head...
Following the "Every Man" virus outbreak of 2024 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) forms the Division of Undead Containment (DUC). Using re-purposed cadaver dogs these zombie SWAT teams have the unpleasant but necessary task of searching house-to-house, locating, and destroying zombie nests.

And here are links to the other two posters in this series:
Terror-saurus Hex
Blacktop Bombshell

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