May 31, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Ark Memorabilia - Part 3

I kept three things from the premiere of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - An enduring love of the film, the Collector's Album and my ticket stubs. I saw Raiders at the Cine 1-6 in Colonie, NY. That theater is sadly now gone, but you can read more about it here, here or here.

Its hard to believe that the ticket stubs have survived this long. Up until last year they traveled in the relative safety of my Raiders scrapbook. What? Oh yes, I made a scrapbook. I had a "Star Wars" one also, but I have NO idea what became of it. And that's really a mystery and a shame, that scrapbook had my ticket stubs and some great newspaper clippings and ads from the Times Union in Albany.

Anyway, the Collector's Album was available for purchase at the concession stand for a whopping $3.00! 'Yeah, I'd like a large coke, a large popcorn a copy of that book please.' It was basically a "making of" magazine filled with storyboards, sketches, photos and stills from the movie.

And you'll notice that the album cost almost as much as my ticket!

This is a scan of the cover of the album:

And my ticket stubs:

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